Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics

Lectures contain:
Lecture 1: Energy Level Diagram; Lecture 2: What Makes Electrons Flow?; Lecture 3: Quantum of Conductance; Lecture 4: Charging Effects 1; Lecture 5: Charging Effects 2; Lecture 6: Charging Effect, Towards Ohm’s Law; Lecture 7: Hydrogen Atom; Lecture 8: Schrödinger Equation 1; Lecture 9: Schrödinger Equation 2; Lecture 10: Finite Difference Method 1; Lecture 11: Finite Difference Method 2; Lecture 12: Separation of Variables; Lecture 13: Atomic Energy Levels; Lecture 14: Covalent Bonds; Lecture 15a: Basis Functions 1; Lecture 15b: Basis Functions 2; Lecture 15c: Basis Functions 3; Lecture 16: Bandstructure 1; Lecture 17: Bandstructure 2; Lecture 18: Bandstructure 3; Lecture 19: Bandstructure 4; Lecture 20: Reciprocal Lattice; Lecture 21: Graphene Bandstructure; Lecture 22: Carbon Nanotubes; Lecture 23: Subbands; Lecture 24: Density of States; Lecture 25: Density of States: General Approach; Lecture 26: Density of States in Nanostructures; Lecture 27: Minimum Resistance of a Wire 1; Lecture 28: Minimum Resistance of a Wire 2; Lecture 29: Effective Mass Equation; Lecture 30: Quantum Capacitance; Lecture 31: Broadening; Lecture 32: Broadening and Lifetime; Lecture 33: Local Density of States; Lecture 34: Current/Voltage Characteristics; Lecture 35: Transmission; Lecture 36: Coherent Transport; Lecture 37: Wavefunction versus Green’s Function; Lecture 38: Ohm’s Law; Lecture 39: Coulomb Blockade

The development of “nanotechnology” has made it possible to engineer material and devices on a length scale as small as several nanometers (atomic distances are ~ 0.1 nm). The properties of such “nanostructures” cannot be described in terms of macroscopic parameters like mobility or diffusion coefficient and a microscopic or atomistic viewpoint is called for. The purpose of this course is to convey the conceptual framework that underlies this microscopic viewpoint using examples related to the emerging field of nanoelectronics.

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