Today,whenever we think about future or consider a future plan with which we can develop a good career in the field of biomedical engineer,we are struck with a simple idea that lets go abroad and the problem will be just over.

But we always forgot the fact that our country is more rich in teaching resources professors,books etc … Theoretically india is very good country ,but practically we lack various labs at our  graduate level which makes us feel that we are incompetent in the field of biomedical engineering and we should go abroad and get solutions to all the problems, that is a dogma which has been tagged to every indian that a person will automatically change when he/she goes abroad .

There is only difference according to me and that is student starts learning that what is the benefit of hardwork and how one can improve oneself

The sense of self awareness is imbibed which alone is missing when a person is here in INDIA.

when a person is abroad then he does all the works which are even below his dignity and learns all the things hardway

This is the sole thing  which gets into the person.

As a human being we never start doing a thing untill we are forced or its made compulsory,we start beleiving that it is essential for life.

Each n every person wants to  be the most successful person in this world but hows this possible?

every one wants to go abroad have good pay packages an enjoy ,no one is interested in being in INDIA n working for the motherland.

In INDIA alone there lives world’s 2nd highest population of this world there by making it the most potential market of this world.

why not we should take initiative and do something that is productive for our country’s cause.

People are ready to do anything to earn livelihood abroad but why not in INDIA?

I am raising this question as it has many moral and ethical values also associated with it

parents are left stranded after their children go abroad and they argue settling there only a our country doesn’t offers the same job profile, same facilities that are their in other countries

IS this right?

i don’t think so one should always think about all the things before taking the decisons

every student can mentor their career in this world just it requires hardwork ……… hardwork n lots of hardwork..

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