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As in Biomedical field research is an essential part and it comes as we join the undergraduate program of this field. So it becomes essential that one must learn to read the research papers , to find these research papers we are moreover confused most of those times that where to search and how to get the relevant material related to our field of research

Here I will tell you that there is a software called PUBLITOR with which you can easily download as well as find the research papers of pubmed & pubmed central directly from your desktop with a active  internet connection

Are you a biomedical researcher, or student using Pubmed?

Do you find the interface to Pubmed to be a pain to use?

Do you wish Pubmed had more useful options?

Want to add & format references to Word document at the click of a button?

Want to select as many articles as you want to email, print or save?

Free download of Publitor 2.0

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