India’s First Bone Marrow Registry in Pune

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About the idea

The idea of creating an “Indian” Bone Marrow registry was because of the lack of donor availability for Indians for a successful stem cell therapy.
Lack of good medically eligible donors is the need for many doctors and hospitals to do a transplant on needy adults and children.

The promoters of Cell Source have been in the stem cell industry since its growth in India and have a deep understanding on market demands, regulations, and ethics for leading the industry in the right direction.

Cell Source is a company established in the year 2010, to cater to the ever increasing need for a good source of Stem Cells in the medical field.

Each year, thousands of patients are diagnosed with diseases treatable by a Blood Stem Cell transplant. These Blood Stem Cells can come from Bone Marrow donation, either from a tissue type matched relative or from an unrelated volunteer donor. 60-70% of patients, however, have no relative that matches their HLA tissue type.

Cell Source will cater to the need of patients who suffer from blood disorders and are looking out for a good Bone Marrow match from a medically eligible donor.

A comprehensive data base of medically eligible donors will be available with their full medical history, and HLA match, to successfully source for transplant physicians in India.

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