Article:How to find Good Biomedical Engineering Jobs using Facebook??

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Finding Biomedical Engineering jobs using facebook

I am writing this article for all my friends who like to navigate more through facebook in their daily life as compare to other job sites and my site .  The thing is that it’s good to be facebooker and facebook these days has become recruiter’s first choice.

I had a chat with few HR recruiters they told me that sometimes they also notice the facebook profile before recruiting any person into their company because they want to know how much time their employee can spend on facebook while being on work. So now the question comes whether it will be good for a person to be active on facebook or passive on facebook in order to get noticed by the recruiter.

The answer to this question is that no one wants lame and lazy person who are always into the books. If you are active on facebook then this shows that you want to be in a social network, some people might disagree with me on this point but this is what Hr of many companies say.

Now coming back to the topic of finding jobs using facebook. Very few people will be aware of the fact that all companies are maintaining facebook pages in order to meet their new clients students who are seeking jobs can utilise this thing while framing their resume, as you need to focus the resume related to company’s new poject and especially what they are upto in current scenario and facebook page also gives a close insight of whats going around in the companies , thus making you aware about the company. Now this is all about the interviews and new research updates of companies. Similar to this many companies also offer jobs through these pages as it is costless to give a job ad on facebook.

Now as a fresher what shall a person do , he must utilise the facebook completely find company’s groups and pages on facebook like them….. then there after inside the group find out the people who are employee in the company . This will be a breach in the privacy policy but still one shall do everything to get a good job. Then despite of the fact you know them or not , you can get yourself introduced by telling them about who you are ….. what you do what are u upto….. and then there after as you have now found the thread in the cloth now u can untie the whole knot with your own wisdom and communication and networking abilities. These tips and tricks can be learnt by everyone who is there on facebook daily.

Now as you know how to contact hr’s of various company … you can buzz them from time to time … it can be negative at times but sometimes positive also… but you cant stop playing cards if you need to win this game using this powerful social networking tool called as facebook.

There is something more that can be done

Facebook has made the facility of close group these days add all your alumni into one group who are currently doin job have alumni groups and small facebook Biomedical Engineering groups.


I have stated many facebook groups in the way people who are doing job can guide the juniors

O on facebook if you have ny problem of any kind of finding job
find me in @ i will be happy to help you

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