Sixth ISSS International Conference on Smart Materials, Structures and Systems (ISSS-2012)



Receipt of full paper for review : August 15, 2011
Intimation of Acceptance after review : September 30, 2011
Deadline for receipt of revised full paper : November 15, 2011
Last date for advance registration : November 30, 2011


It has been more than a decade since ISSS started the series of triennial International Conference on Smart Materials Structures and Systems, during which there has been a spurt of activity in the area of Smart Structures in general and MEMS in particular. These years have seen volumes of research on different aspects of smart materials, structures and systems. These include development of new actuator and sensor materials, smart and nano materials, constitutive modeling, newer methods of analysis, device design and fabrication, electronics and packaging, smart structural design for optimum power and performance, development of control algorithms, and finally, applications.
The progress in the above areas has been covered in innumerable forums all over the world, including the previous five conferences in India. The evolution and maturing of these technologies are clearly seen over the years. The present conference, which is the sixth in the series (including the first conference held in 1996 before formation of ISSS), continues this evolutionary thread and aims to provide a forum to academicians, researchers and technologists to not only assess the current status in these technologies but also to steer towards a more effective utilization of these technologies by exploiting the strengths, recognizing and filling the gaps, and building bridges across disciplines hitherto considered as disjointed.
The topics covered in the conference are
• Adaptive/smart materials
Sensors and Actuators
• Design, modeling and simulation
• MEMS design, electronics and packaging
Signal processing techniques
• Applications: Structural Health Monitoring, Automotive sensors, BioMEMS, RF-MEMS


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