Final Year Biomedical Engineering Project ideas

BIO-MEDICAL ENGINEERING Final Year Projects ideas

1.patient fall detection using hip and abdomen sensor.
2.breathing sensor with sleeping pattern analysis.
3.bionic sensor based foot sensing and hip monitoring with lcd display.
4.disabled person brain wave detection with leg sensor.
5.intelligent monitoring system in psychological health. emergency caring system.
7.respiratory temperature monitor in icu
8.automatic patient heart beat and body temperature monitoring for remote doctor.
9.reduce the potential risks for sudden infant death
10.peritoneal based medical filter process

11.Centralized cardiac monitoring system

12.Myo-electric signal conditioning for driving a dc motor for a possible application in an artifical hand

13.Design of lower limb prosthesis using computer aided design(cad)

14.Fm based bio-telemetry system

15.Constructing a mosaic from images of the human retina

16.Voice recognition based wheel chair control system for physically challenged people

17.Erythrocyte shape investigation under normal and pathological conditions using image processing

18.Master health card

19.Detection and visualization of tumours and blood vessels by image processing of liver ct images

20.Demo on blood oxygenator

21.Foot to knee massager

22.Pulse transit time measuring device

23.Design and development of prosthetic device for blind amputees

24.Digital hearing aid using dsp

25.Odor recognition system

26.Skin color monitor

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9 thoughts on “Final Year Biomedical Engineering Project ideas

  1. Addai Asante Naomi

    if Doppler effects can be used to detects the presence of an occluded vessel in the body, is there means where high sound energy can be sent via electronic devices into the body to remove the occlusion…want to work on this idea as my project and I need ideas

  2. Mosam

    I need some documents ie research papers, methods, block or ckt diagrams related to the project “Erythrocyte shape investigation under normal and pathological conditions using image processing”. Please help me with this. I am preparing to make it for my 4th year project.

  3. Kamal mohammed altahesh

    Help me to pick up a topic for my last year project ,I,m studying biomedical engineering &I,m really confuse..could u please help me guys…


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