Lecture Notes on Biostatistics

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Introduction, descriptive statistics, diagnostic tests and method comparison, theoretical distributions and probability, point estimation and confidence interval, hypothesis tests, parameter and parameter free tests, comparing groups, correlation and regression, relation between several variables (ANOVA, multiple regression, logistic regression, factor analysis), analysis of survival times (Kaplan-Meier curves, cox regression, hazard ratio), experimental design, clinical trials, biological and medical literature, microarray analyses
Douglas G. Altman: Practical Statistics for Medical Research, Chapman&Hall/CRC
Martin Bland: An Introduction to Medical Statistics, Oxford Medical Publications
Harvey Motulsky: Intuitive Biostatistics, Oxford University Press
Lothar Sachs, Jürgen Hedderich: Angewandte Statistik (Methodensammlung mit R), Springer
John Verzani: Using R for Introductory Statistics, Chapman&Hall/CRC
Biomedical studies
Notes (6 slides per page) [pdf]
Notes (1 slide per page) [pdf]
Outline [pdf]
Sample Exam Questions [pdf]
Notes [pdf]
Please use this cover sheet [pdf]
R script used during the exercises [R script]
Exercise 1 [pdf] Answers 1 [pdf]
Exercise 2 [pdf]
Exercise 3 [pdf]
R functions for the exercises 6-14 [R functions]
Statistical tables 1 [Statistical tables 1]
Statistical tables 2 [Statistical tables 2]


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