15 September- Happy Engineer’s day to all Indian Engineers

Engineers DayIn remembrance of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, the most outstanding Engineer of all times, the Engineering fraternity of India celebrates “.World Engineers Day” every year on 15th of September. It was this day 147 years ago that this great contributor to Growth and engineering was born. Every year the celebration of the Engineers day revolves around a central theme that is notified to all states and Local centers
Sir. Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya:He is known to be the greatest engineers of all times, who with his vision and dedication in the field of engineering made some exceptional contributions to India. Owing to his contribution he was honored with the highest state award of India, the “The Bharat Ratna”, in the year 1955. some of the contributions of Sir VM are:

  1. As an Engineer par excellence:
    • He was the chief engineer during the construction of Krishna sager dam on the Kavery River.
    • Many dams built by him in Bombay are still functional even till today.
    • Sri Jayachamaraja Polytechnic Institute of Bangalore: The institute was built on the recommendation of sir VM.
    • The Block System: Was invented by him, which was a system of automated doors that closed in the conditions of overflow.
    • Krishnarajasagara Dam: Is still praised by everybody witnessing it.
    • Mysore University: which is a matter of great proud for the people of Mysore, was established because of his will and conviction.
  1. As a human Being:What was achieved by sir VM, was not as easy as it seemed, as it required strict discipline from his side.
    • Punctuality: he was very famous for his punctuality, He was never late even by a minute and expected his people also to realize the importance of time.
    • Perfect Clothing: Every person having met sir VM, proudly remembers his neat and fine clothing.
    • Perfectionist: There are many examples to show that even a little task that he took up, always completed to perfection. Even if it was to deliver a speech, he would think in advance, write and rehearse no. of times.
    • Fitness: Even at the age of 92, he was never dependent on comforts; he would not only walk by himself, but, take full participation in all proceedings.
    • Dedication to work: Nothing was able to deter sir, from his commitment to good work, his work was his worship.
    • Courageous: many of the projects completed by him that India stands proud of today, would not have existed if it was not his will and conviction.
    • Fearless Patriot: when it came to India, even high perks given to Sir, by the British Government were not enough for him; he opposed everything and anything that was against the favor of his nation.
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