BEAT 2k12: National Biomedical Technical Festival in Mumbai



BEAT is an annual technical festival hosted by the Biomedical Engineering Department of Dwarkadas. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai. With an aim of promoting healthcare system inIndia, we have come up with this technical festival with a theme of “Revolution in health care by the next generation innovators and entrepreneurs”. Through the course of two days, several dynamic and innovative events will be conducted. It is an opportunity for the students to test their knowledge and pit their skills against each other.

Everyone knows how important the rhythm of heart is. We honor this symbol of life in our festival – BEAT. The festival is an experience ………. an experience nothing can BEAT.


Clot buster
An exciting robot track race, cheer your robot as it bursts through the heart blocks. Race through the (whole body) and win exciting prizes.

A challenging, new kind of quiz. Grab this chance to boost your confidence as you test your speed and knowledge.
Bounty Hunter
Perform tasks and uncover clues as you navigate the human body. Clear the hurdles and reach the ultimate goal – the heart.

A workshop to acquaint you with biomedical instruments you know only theoretically. Learning to build them practically will familiarize you with the facets of the apparatus you wouldn’t have known before.

Invention Invasion
If your project is the stuff of dreams, flaunt it. In Invention Invasion we pit projects against each other, and see which one has it in them to become the Ultimate Invention.

Plan to pursue a career in Marketing? Want to check your managerial skills? This event is a one stop shop to experience the life in the marketing field. Use your technical know -how to earn virtual money. A feeling that’ll leave you dizzy!

Everyone has faced difficulty in visualizing the instruments we learn about. In this expo, we have arranged the exhibition and demonstrations of the many instruments we’ve come across and will come across.

Technical Paper Presentation
If research is your right hand and Google’s your left, then get ready to start working. This competition requires the gift of gab and the mightiness of your pen, to make a research paper and present it in front of the experts.



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BEAT 2k12

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