PhD Students positions in Austria for Biomedical Areas

The Graduate School at IST Austria invites applicants from all countries to its PhD program. IST Austria is
a new institution located on the outskirts of Vienna dedicated to cutting-edge basic research in the natural
sciences and related disciplines. The language at the Institute and the Graduate School is English.

The PhD program combines advanced coursework and research, with a focus on Biology, Computer Science,
Neuroscience, and interdisciplinary areas. IST Austria offers internationally competitive PhD salaries supporting 4-5 years
of study. Applicants must hold either a BS or MS degree or equivalent.

The Institute offers PhD students positions with the following faculty:

  •  Nick Barton Evolutionary and Mathematical Biology
  •  Jonathan P. Bollback Evolutionary Biology
  •  Sylvia Cremer Evolutionary and Behavioral Biology
  •  Caroline Uhler Statistics
  •  Tobias Bollenbach Biophysics and Systems Biology
  •  C?lin C. Guet Systems and Synthetic Biology
  •  Carl-Philipp Heisenberg Cell and Developmental Biology
  •  Harald Janovjak Molecular and Cellular Biophysics
  •  Daria Siekhaus Cell and Developmental Biology
  •  Michael Sixt Cell Biology and Immunology
  •  Jozsef Csicsvari Systems Neuroscience
  •  Peter Jonas Neuroscience
  •  Gašper Tka?ik Theoretical Biophysics and Neuroscience
  •  Krishnendu Chatterjee Game Theory and Software  Systems Theory
  •  Herbert Edelsbrunner Algorithms, Geometry, and Topology
  •  Thomas A. Henzinger Software Systems Theory
  •  Vladimir Kolmogorov Computer Vision and Graph  Algorithms
  •  Christoph Lampert Computer Vision and Machine Learning
  •  Krzysztof Pietrzak Cryptography
  •  Chris Wojtan Computer Graphics

Additional faculty members will be announced on the IST website

For further information and access to the online application please consult
For inquiries, please contact For students wishing to enter the program in the
fall of 2012, the deadline for applications is January 15, 2012.

IST Austria values diversity and is committed to equality. Female students are encouraged to apply.

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