R&D Job Opportunity at Samsung Innovation

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We are currently looking for Ph.D candidates who have completed their Ph.D, please find enclosed Multiple job roles for various positions in the “R&D centre”


1. Design professionals for Audio and Language Technology

The candidate will be responsible for providing high-end technology solutions and generating innovative patents in the field of audio and language processing applied to smart consumer electronics and electrical appliances. The  group covers the technologies and applications relating to the analysis and synthesis, enhancement, coding and recognition of audio, music, speech and language.

Research Focus

Currently, the members of the ALT group focus on emergent technologies such as:

  • High-definition (HD) audio communication
  • Directional Audio recording and regeneration
  • Digital audio effects
  • Music analysis , recognition and recommendation
  • Ambient noise recognition,
  • Speech recognition and Text-to-speech (TTS) in Indian languages
  • Audio enhancement
  • Language translation and learning

2.  Healthcare Solutions Group

This group is beaming with ripe innovations in each and every aspect of viewing, analyzing, transmitting and sharing information in healthcare domains.  Its medical center is  progressively contributing towards the development of excellent medical technology, critical care medicine and cancer rehabilitation techniques and the guiding technologies associated with it.

Here at Noida lab we are evolving as a healthcare provider specifically in the mobile domain for providing global health through the best medical technologies. The integrated biosensors and markers along with miniature sensors for biomedical applications and patient health monitoring along with lifestyle ailments are aimed at treating with the solutions which have value, easy to use and are portable.

Research Focus

  • Mobile Health Care computing
  • Medical Imaging
  • Health Care Rehabilitation solutions
  • Image and Video guided
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Healthcare Games
  • EMG based Biofeedback
  • Motion Sensing based Rehabilitation
  • Patient Monitoring Devices

3.  Image and Vision Technology

The focus of the group is in Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, and Computer Vision in application to smart phones and home appliances. The challenge of incorporating research components in real life applicable devices has lead us to address broader context of working on machine learning, video surveillance, augmented reality, and human computer interaction. We also have experts with specialization in biometrics: authenticating people through their living traits (fingerprint, iris, face, etc.). Our range of applications spans 3D reconstruction, computerized tomography, activity recognition, and various exciting projects based on real world problems.

Research Focus

  • Computer vision: Camera Calibration in 3D Objects, 3D reconstruction, Multiple view geometry, Computer vision in visual effects, Content based image retrieval, Discrete geometry, Algebraic, Graph-based techniques for pattern recognition.
  • Image Processing: Filtering, Denoising, Image transforms, Image filtering, Infrared thermal imaging, night vision imaging, Document processing, Text and Graphics recognition, Digital libraries, Video and image sequence analysis.
  • Pattern Recognition: Supervised classification and learning methods, Biometric based personal authentication, Neural Computing, Target recognition, Character recognition, Natural language analysis, and Information retrieval.
  • Human computer Interaction: Gesture recognition, Designing graphical interfaces, Augmented reality, Embedded computation.
  • Soft Computing: Evolutionary techniques like Particle swarm optimization (PSO) and Ant colony optimization (ACO), Principal Component Analysis (PCA), and Independent Component Analysis (ICA).

4.  Wireless and Security Technologies


The focus of the group is to contribute technology in next generation Wireless communication domain as well as in security aspects of communication networks, devices and content sharing. The group also works on LTE UE-side algorithm development. Focus areas from the wireless group includes research activities in the aspects of cellular network, wireless connectivity between smart devices, vehicular and indoor ad-hoc networks.

Focus areas from the security group include privacy and security in online services (e.g. phishing detection), network security and digital rights management (DRM), and algorithms to improve intrusion detection, mobile hacking.

  • Contribute to technical study reports for LTE-Advanced standardization
  • Generate standard essential patents and value to the portfolio
  • Internal technology reports, White papers, peer-reviewed articles
  • Develop Simulators needed for validating invention proposals
  • Algorithm Development & Prototyping in collaboration with HQ unit
  • LTE Advanced Technology – Full-Dimension MIMO, CoMP, HetNets
  • Green communication
  • Device to Device Communications
  • Content Security
  • Content Security (DRM)

Research Focus

a)      Personal Content Rights Management

b)      Enterprise Solutions

c)       Cryptography Algorithms on Mobile Platform

Security Issues :  Next Generation Smart Device

a)      Mobile Platform Security

b)      Malicious Mobile Application Detection

c)       Wireless Intrusion Detection

d)      Mobile Malware and spyware detection

e)      Privacy Issues in Location/Context Aware services




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