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Heart Lung machine or Cardiopulmonary Bypass machine- A technique

Cardiopulmonary bypass can be defined as: Bypass of the heart and lungs as in open heart surgery. Blood returning to the heart is diverted through a heart-lung machine (a pump-oxygenator) before returning it to the arterial circulation. The machine does the work both of the heart (pump blood) and the lungs (supply oxygen to red blood cells).

Magnetoencephalography- A technique


Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is a medical imaging technology that provides unprecedented insight into the workings of the human brain through the measurement of electromagnetic activity.

By measuring the magnetic fields created by the electric current flowing within the neurons, MEG identifies brain activity associated with various human functions in real time, with millimeter spatial accuracy.

Left: CTF MEG Magnetoencephalography Brain Imaging System


Today,whenever we think about future or consider a future plan with which we can develop a good career in the field of biomedical engineer,we are struck with a simple idea that lets go abroad and the problem will be just over.

But we always forgot the fact that our country is more rich in teaching resources professors,books etc … Theoretically india is very good country ,but practically we lack various labs at ourĀ  graduate level which makes us feel that we are incompetent in the field of biomedical engineering and we should go abroad and get solutions to all the problems, that is a dogma which has been tagged to every indian that a person will automatically change when he/she goes abroad .


In today’s fast coming up world we can say that every one is moving towards excellence and desires excellence in all the work he undertakes

Now I would like to highlight some facts about our country.Here prime motive to study is to get a good job as people believe in the fact that a educated person can get a better job as compared to an uneducated mate.

All want to be good engineers , doctors , commerce graduates but no one want to learn the things, This is because of the fact that presently our education system has become cash oriented rather then being knowledge oriented .


I as a biomedical engineer want to put up this question to all the people who are involved in providing the jobs all around the world to the graduate students.
My point of view is that when we talk about a engineering discipline then we must consider this fact that how holistic is the approach of the subject
how much wide spectrum of engineering it posses within it?
but no one consider this at all
The first and foremost question when a students clears his intermediate level of study is which stream he/she must choose so as to secure a wonderful position in terms of job as well as status quo in the society
so the first priority is that the field which he is choosing today must not give him the dissatisfaction tomorrow
but when the students enter into the field of biomedical engineering then he/she is not aware about the subject they choose it in order to get a graduation engineering degree.
but as the course progresses he/she learns the importance of the course and starts enjoying the course as this course is really wonderful in all respect
it takes a person from biology to mathematics to physics then to nuclear physics computational sciences computer science every sphere of engineering has application in this field
or we can say that a biomedical engineer has to undergo the most rigourous training out of all the engineers
but the problem not lies there
problem is with the system which has not made a place for biomedical engineering jobs
they only think that these person are not meant for them directly
all the present discoveries are related to biomedical engineering only still a biomedical engineer in india has to search forums on the net to find a suitable or possible job for him/ her
no profile satisfaction as well
the engineer is asked to do a job of sales person
or to do a door to door servicing
is this what for we id engineering for
biomedical engineers have lot of potential as they have struggled with all the spheres of engineering discipline
they work around each and every aspect of engineering
they can do anything miraculous
but the problem is simple that is dearth of opportunities
people say look at the newspaper
this is being developed that is being developed
somewhere artificial heart has started beating
everything is happening but nothing there for the current graduates who are coming out
please this is an request for all the recruiters please notice also the application of biomedical engineer

DNA & Heredity Transcription & Translation

Protein Synthesis Involves Transcription & Translation

  • The 2 steps of protein synthesis:
    Process Where Major Components Notes
    Transcription In the nucleus DNA gene
    RNA polymerase
    Gene is activated.
    A copy of the code is made from RNA (m-RNA)
    m-RNA leaves the nucleus, goes to cytoplasm.
    Translation In the cytoplasm, on the ribosomes m-RNA
    Peptidyl transferase enzyme
    Transfer RNAs
    Ribosome decodes the m-RNA and makes the correct protein.
  • Keeping the main copy of the genes in the nucleus protects it from damage
  • There are many DNA repair mechanisms in the nucleus