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IBM Watson for Oncology: What is it exactly?


Watson is an IBM supercomputer named after Thomas J. Watson who led IBM into the computer era. It represents a fundamental shift in the paradigm of computing – moving from programmable systems which have been the mainstay for the last several decades to learning systems that keep getting smarter as they process more knowledge. IBM has a business unit dedicated to transforming healthcare into a quantifiable service where every bit of information is available. It is called Watson Health and offers services in Genomics, Drug Discovery, Oncology, Imaging etc. By using it, physicians only have to go through their personalized reports instead of reading through dozens of papers for every patient’s case.

Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI)- A Novel Approach To Assess Lung Health

Respiratory health is deteriorating day by day globally due to an increased exposure to certain risk factors such as pollution, smoking and passive lifestyle. Although in general the respiratory diseases can be kept under control, there is still a need for better phenotyping and management of lung diseases such as COPD and Asthma. The conventional Lung Function Tests like spirometry don’t provide any regional information and have limited sensitivity to detect changes in pulmonary function in an early stage because the healthy areas in the lung compensate for a progressive disease making it undetectable. There is a need to shift to a better technology which can look at the overall lung health.

MEDCON 2012: Linking Life to Technology in Kerala-10th Jan, 2012

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   Medical Technology extends and improves life, alleviates pain and Handicap. Incessant medical technology inovation enhance the quality and effectiveness of care. Advancements in medical technology are playing a positive role in saving lives. Adding infrastructure and medical professionals alone will not be able to solve Indians huge unmet needs in healthcare. It needs to be supported by technology. India with an exponentially growing population, demands effective healthcare facilities. Indias developing healthcare market & growing economy gives hope for a Health Revolution in the near future.

List of Healthcare Management Colleges for Biomedical Engineers

Health Care Management & its Prospects

Health Care Management is in too much demand these days. A lot of students want to pursue health care management courses from top health care management colleges, institutes in India. There are many health care management colleges, institutes in India in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai offering best health care management diploma & degree courses, health care management admission. Following is the list of health care management Institutes providing various health care management courses.There are a lot of openings in health care management jobs after doing health care management courses from good health care management colleges, institutes which will help you in making a good career.