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Biomedical Paper Presentation: What are Neuroprosthetics?

What are Neurosprosthetics?


Neuroprosthetics (also called Neural Prosthetics) is a discipline related to neuroscience and biomedical engineering concerned with developing neural prostheses, artificial implantable devices to replace or improve the function of an impaired nervous system.Neuroprosthetics are the set of physical devices that interact with the brain or other neural tissue to augment, restore, or otherwise impact function.
Neuroprosthetics are electrical stimulation technologies that replace or assist damaged or malfunctioning neuromuscular organ systems and attempt to restore normal body processes, create or improve function, and/or reduce pain. These systems are either implanted or worn externally on the body. Such assistive devices range from intramuscular stimulation systems designed to limit limb atrophy in paralysis, to implanted bladder voiding systems and more complex implanted neuromuscular control.
The process of transitioning this technology into a clinically useful device will require two parallel paths of research. In the first path, experimental paradigms involving microelectrode array recordings in behaving animals will be developed in conjunction with signal processing techniques for studying the unknown aspects of neural coding and functional neurophysiology. These signal processing techniques will then be implemented in portable, low-power, wireless hardware.The second path, high-density array ECoG recordings in humans, provides a less invasive technique for neural interfaces however it still remains unknown how to extract BMI control signatures that are sufficiently spatially and temporally resolved. Neuroprosthetics is an area of intense scientific and clinical interest and rapid progress. The word’ prosthesis’ is derived from the Greek word for ‘addition’. A breakdown of the word includes ‘pros’ meaning ‘to’, and ‘thesis’, meaning ‘a placing’. Neuroprosthetic are in their infancy just now, but they offer two things that are truly wonderful:
1. Bypassing the body, and letting the mind interface directly with VR, for the ultimate immersive experience – the virtual body becomes as the normal functioning body
2. Augmented body parts will be able to be fitted to the body, and controlled by the brain as if you were born with them – after a little training, without conscious thought.

BEAT 2k12: National Biomedical Technical Festival in Mumbai



BEAT is an annual technical festival hosted by the Biomedical Engineering Department of Dwarkadas. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai. With an aim of promoting healthcare system inIndia, we have come up with this technical festival with a theme of “Revolution in health care by the next generation innovators and entrepreneurs”. Through the course of two days, several dynamic and innovative events will be conducted. It is an opportunity for the students to test their knowledge and pit their skills against each other.

BIONIX 2011: National Level Technical Symposium, 4th October 2011

BIONIX’11 is a national level symposium conducted by the department of Bio Medical Engineering. The ultimate goal is to provide a platform for the engineers to exchange their ideas and expose their hidden talents. This is the stage for brain teasers to conquer their ideas and to emerge with the same. In this symposium, the delegates can share new advancements and research results in the relevant areas which will benefit the human society at large.

Venue :Rajiv gandhi college of Engineering, Chennai





SRISHTI 2k11-Biomedical Engineering Festival in Chennai on 24 August

SRISHTI, the yearly celebration of Biomedical Engineers creativity, the welcoming of fresh talent pool in the most sought after course, is back this year. This National Level Technical Symposium of the Department of Biomedical Engineering of the SSN College of Engineering proudly invites all its fellow Biomedical and Non Biomedical Engineering students to participate in this potpourri of technical and non technical competitions. Come 24th August, 2011, it’s time to revitalize your thoughts!

The annual technical magazine HOPPSLATE will also be released that day. Events galore, prizes many, it is one day you must not miss.

Powerpoint Presentations on Advancement in MEMS Technology-1


Smartdust is a hypothetical system of many tiny microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) such as sensors, robots, or other devices, that can detect, for example, light, temperature, vibration, magnetism or chemicals; are usually networked wirelessly; and are distributed over some area to perform tasks, usually sensing.




Biomedical Paper Presentation in RGMCET, Andhra Pradesh, 11th March 2011

Event: InstruWorld 2k11 (Ripple 2k11)

Organised by:
Rajeev Gandhi Memmorial College of Engineering and Technology, Nandyal

Key dates:
Fest dates: 11th March 2011
Last date: 26th February 2011


About the EIE Department : he The department of EIE has established in the year 1999 in RGMCET and offering under graduate course.The department has well equiped laboratories with reasearch facility. The department has softwares like Lab VIEW, Multi-sim ,Ulti board , MAT LAB and
Rockwell Automation PLC’s.Thedepartment secured university Gold medal.