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Kyrghyz-Indian Mountain Biomedical Research Centre (KIMBMRC) Innaugrated

Marking a major milestone in the cooperation between the two countries, the Kyrghyz President Ms Roza Otunbaeva and the Defence Minister Shri AK Antony today inaugurated the Kyrghyz-Indian Mountain Biomedical Research Centre (KIMBMRC) at the Kyrghyz capital, Bishkek today.

The Centre will carry out research on the mechanism of short term and long term high altitude adaptation. It will also mobilize and synchronise the expertise of the two countries in the area of high altitude research. The scientists will focus on molecular biology approaches to identify markers for screening of people for high altitude resistance and susceptibility to high altitude sickness and development of mountain maladies. The benefits of these studies will apply to a large population across the globe, as more and more people travel to the mountains every year. India’s contribution to the project is Rs 6 Crores.