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Research Scholar Job in RVCE, Bangalore

BANGALORE – 560059.
Looking for Research Scholars to work under the following Projects:
1. “Development of Nano Material and Optically Enabled, Front Surface and Back Contact Tailored,
Enhanced Efficiency Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells”.
2. “Development Of Multilayer Coatings for Enhanced Solar Thermal Absorption At High
3. Development of Carbon Nanotube based vacuum Nano Eelectronics (field assisted electron emitters)
X-Ray sources for making compact, low power, hand held X-Ray
4. Growth and characterization of Novel Room Temperature grown Nano-Cluster Carbon Based Thin
Film Transistors.
Min. Educational Qualifications:
Graduate/PG degree in engineering disciplines (Electrical / Electronics / Telecommunication /
Instrumentation / Mechanical/)
M.Sc. in Physics / Electronics / Solid State Electronics
Remuneration as per DST / VTU/ UGC guidelines
Interested candidates may send their detailed resume electronically to principal@rvce.edu.in
Students with experience / exposure / interest in the following areas may also send their detailed
resume electronically to principal@rvce.edu.in
1. Nano Electronics
2. Medical Instrumentation
3. Large Area Flexible Micro Electronics
4. Renewable Energy

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Nanotube Technology to reduce the cost of Medical Diagnostics

Researchers at Oregon State University have tapped into the extraordinary power of carbon “nanotubes” to increase the speed of biological sensors, a technology that might one day allow a doctor to routinely perform lab tests in minutes, speeding diagnosis and treatment while reducing costs.

The new findings have almost tripled the speed of prototype nano-biosensors, and should find applications not only in medicine but in toxicology, environmental monitoring, new drug development and other fields.

The research was just reported in Lab on a Chip, a professional journal. More refinements are necessary before the systems are ready for commercial production, scientists say, but they hold great potential.


Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2: Nanofabrication and characterization

Lecture 3: Quantum particle in a box

Lecture 4: Tunnel junctions

Lecture 5: Coulomb blockade

Lecture 6: Single electron island

Lecture 7: Double tunnel junction

Lecture 8: Single electron transistor

Lecture 9: Two dimensional electron gas (2DEG)

Lecture 10: Nanowires, quantization of electrical resistance

Lecture 11: Quantum point contact

Lecture 12: Quantum dots; molecular electronics