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Introduction to Tissue Engineering For UnderGraduates


  • What is tissue engineering?
  • Basics of tissue engineering
  • Role of the engineer

Tissue Engineering is “an interdisciplinary field that incorporates and applies the principles of engineering and life sciences toward the development of biological substitutes that restore, maintain, or improve tissue organ or function” (R. Langer, Science,
260:920-926, 1993)

It can also be explained as “the development and manipulation of laboratory grown molecules, cells, tissues, or organs to replace or support the function of defective or injured body parts” (Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative)

Why Tissue Engineering?

Why we needed Tissue Engineering, Why other Fields were not Good enough?

Biomedical Engineers make Blood vessels in Lab using Skin cells

If you are on dialysis like approximately 400,000 other Americans, then your life could change for the better in the next couple of years thanks to some new biomedical engineering.

The technology, announced this week at an American Heart Association conference on emerging technology, enables engineers to grow sheets of human cells in a laboratory, and then synthesize them into tubes, mimicking human blood vessels. Alternatively, the human cells, which come from skin cells, can be made into threads and then woven into the form of blood vessels.