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Innovations in Medical Sensors for Biomedical Electronics Applications in Healthcare

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Biomedical electronics research is being driven by the aging “baby-boomer” population and their medical needs. This phenomenon is spurring fast development of new biotechnologies and need for access to innovative means of medical diagnosis and treatment in preventive medicine. Subsequently, the technologies of implants and advanced wireless electronic media will help alleviate rising medical costs in today‚Äôs society and extend the average longevity with a quality life in our later years.

Surgery for Depression is Possible!!!!

Radical new neurosurgical treatment that accurately targets brain networks involved in depression is being pioneered for the first time in the world at Frenchay Hospital in the city of Bristol in the UK.

The new treatment includes experimental antidepressants, deep brain stimulation and stereotactic neurosurgery, and the research team at the University of Bristol and North Bristol NHS Trust hope it will help people suffering with severe and intractable depression.

The first patient to receive the treatment is 62-year-old grandmother Sheila Cook from Torquay. She had been fighting a long hard battle with depression for more than a decade, and has tried to commit suicide more than once in that time.