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Implanted Medical Devices can be Hacked: Ashish Malik

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The use of cyber space for criminal activities has brought the issue of cyber security in the spotlight.

There have been many cases of such activities where malwares like stuxnet, flame, slammer etc. have been used for industrial sabotage and espionage purposes.

Over the past few years, the focus of many researches has been towards various implantable medical devices. Although, no specific attack on such devices has come into view but researchers have been digging into the possibilities of various attacks against various implantable medical devices such as pacemakers, insulin pumps, blood-glucose monitor etc.

Biomedical Devices getting Unique ID’s in USA to track safety

English: Logo of the .

English: Logo of the . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Medical devices like hip implants and heart defibrillators will soon join the ranks of cars and toasters.

The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday proposed a new rule that would require each medical device to have a unique code that could improve tracking and catch safety problems earlier. The proposal comes five years after Congress first mandated the codes.

While these codes are already present for most consumer goods, in the ubiquitous barcodes scanned at the grocery store, they have been absent from life-sustaining medical devices.

Biomedical device Technology Startup Companies 2010

Below is a selection of the medical technology startups we identified in 2010. Clinical applications span orthopedics, cardiology, wound management, patient management/monitoring, diagnostics, surgery and many others.

Company Product/Technology
Acoustic Biosystems, Inc. undisclosed technology
Adroit Motion, LLC Laparoscopic surgical instrumentation.
Alacer Biomedical, Inc. Silk-based biomaterial platforms for tissue repair and orthopedic applications.
Apica Cardiovascular Ltd. Beating heart access and closure system for cardiovascular surgery.
CardioFlow Ltd. Embolic protection device.
Caymus Medical, Inc. Undisclosed medical technology from previous founder of Opus Medical, Inc.