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Intra Ocular Lenses–Biomedical Article

Cataract surgery in the desert

Ridley’s implantation (1949) of the first intraocular lens (IOL) marked the beginning of a major change in the practice of ophthalmology. The IOLs are microlenses placed inside the human eye to correct cataracts, nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or presbyopia. There are two types of IOLs: anterior chamber lenses,which are placed in the anterior chamber of the eye between the iris and the cornea, and posterior chamber IOLs, which are placed in the posterior chamber behind the iris and rest against the capsular bag. Procedures for implanting the IOLs and technologies for manufacturing them in various sizes, thicknesses, and forms as well as with various materials progressed tremendously in the last decade. Multifocal IOLs are one of the important signs of this progress. While monofocal IOLs, the most commonlyused, are designed to provide clear vision at one focal distance, the design of multiple optic (multifocal) IOLs aims to allow good vision at a range of distances.