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World’s First Medical SmartPhone Launched by LifeWatch

Medical monitor developer LifeWatch AG (SWX:LIFE) has launched the world’s first medical smartphone, for Android-powered devices. The smartphone has built-in sensors for monitoring heart rate, pulmonary function, blood sugar levels, body temperature and galvanic skin response (which measures psychological pressure), and other physiological variables. The system can also measure blood pressure with an attached sleeve, and can analyze blood samples.


LifeWatch has developed a range of wireless monitoring devices for emergency rooms and medical services, as well as for personal use, but this is the first time that it has combined these capabilities on a smartphone. Chinese branded mobile phone manufacturer TechFaith Wireless Communication Technology Ltd. (Nasdaq: CNTF) will manufacture the platform for LifeWatch.

Wireless Medical Monitors, Transforming Healthcare delivery

It’s hard to find a better example of how technology is revolutionizing patient care than the tiny edible sensor Proteus Biomedical of Redwood City plans to begin selling this fall in the United Kingdom.

When the grain-of-sand-size sensor is integrated into a drug tablet or capsule and activated by stomach fluid, it signals when the medicine was taken to a patch on the patient’s body. Then the patch relays the information along with the person’s heart rate and other medical details to a caregiver’s phone — all without a visit to the doctor.

Clinical Applications of BioMEMS

MEMS have long been used in biomedical sensing applications around the patient,for monitoring things like blood pressure or activity levels in people or ?ow rates in bedside equipment. But now products based on the major progress in MEMS technology of the last few years are starting to make it through the long Biomedical development process to the market, applying that sensing information to intervene inside the body, in smarter implants and better minimally invasive procedures.


BrainVoyager Brain Tutor

The BrainVoyager product family ranges from professional fMRI imaging tools, to at-home and on-the-go brain anatomy tutors. I’ve actually had the award-winning Brain Tutor application since I took a class in which I had to dissect a sheep brain. It helped me review the different areas of the brain and their functions when I wasn’t in the lab.

Brain Tutor 3D for iPhone/iPad

Brain Tutor 3D for iPhone/iPad

Brain Tutor HD for iPad

Brain Tutor HD for iPad

More recently, BrainVoyager has developed iPhone/iPad Apps you can use on the go. There’s a free iPhone/iPad version, and a more robust iPad-only version for $1.99. Both let you explore the structure and function of the human brain from the palm of your hand.


WebMD Health Corp. (Nasdaq: WBMD), the leading source of health information, has launched its Medscape from WebMD mobile app for Apple iPad™ and Android™ smartphones and tablets.  Medscape Mobile is the premier free medical reference, news and education app for healthcare professionals.  Since its release on the iPhone® and BlackBerry, nearly 700,000 healthcare professionals have become registered users of Medscape’s Mobile application.  Medscape was also recently named the most downloaded free Medical app of the year for iPhone by Apple on its iTunes Rewind 2010 featured list of Apps.

The Medscape apps for iPad and Android feature: