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Role of Platinum in Biomedical Applications


Biomedical devices can be extremely advanced, technologically challenging and complex products. Using the latest manufacturing techniques and often exotic materials, biomedical devices particularly those used in humans, present some of the biggest engineering challenges for the material science and medical research communities today. By their very nature, Biomedical devices being implanted in the human body must perform exactly as they were designed, without fail from the time they are surgically implanted, until the day they expire.

The development of biomedical devices can be extremely costly requiring heavy investment across the entire supply chain focusing particularly on the design, protoyping, materials selection, manufacturing and testing of these devices.

Biomedical Companies List: Boston Scientific India

Boston Scientific

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About Them

Boston Scientific is a global leader in the medical device industry.

People are our most valuable asset. And we believe investment in our people yields competitive advantage. We are investing significantly in building our team to power our business today and to develop a team that’s “future-ready” to take on greater challenges.

Our ongoing employee development programs are designed to help you excel and grow within Boston Scientific India. By putting our people first, we aim to create an open and enabling environment where employees have opportunities to develop themselves and realize their full potential.