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PhotoAcoustic Imaging

PhotoAcoustic imaging is an imaging modality that uses laser light and ultrasound detectors to image tissues. Photo = Light. Acoustic = Sound. The imaging uses the photoacoustic effect principle. The photoacoustic effect is not new in terms of discovery as it was reported by none other than Alexander Graham Bell (yes! Rings a bell doesn’t it?) as early as 1880. But, the unavailability of proper detectors and instruments at his time was an obstacle to expanding research in this field.


Topic Wise Video Lecture Notes on Biomedical Photonics

Aim of Course
The course should provide knowledge about the physical properties of light and its impact and interaction with biological tissue.
Course Content
Optical properties of biological tissue. Light transport in tissue. Therapeutic window. Light transport models. Measurement of tissue optical properties. Optical coherence tomography, multi-photon excitation, flourescens, etc.

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1 I Introduction
Course Content
Why Use Optical Methods?
Why Should You Learn Biomedical Optics?
Fundamentals of Optics
Overview of Spectroscopy
Classical Description of Light
Light-Tissue Interaction

Bionic Eye with LASERS n Gold Nanoparticles

A novel approach to restoring sight using a ‘bionic eye‘ is being investigated at Swinburne University of Technology.

The laser stimulation of optic nerves is the focus of this research to develop a vision prosthesis – perhaps a tiny laser device fitted in a pair of spectacles – much like the cochlear implant for restoring hearing.

Bionic eye hope blends lasers and gold



Swinburne’s Applied Optics and Biomedical Engineering Groups are seeking government and philanthropic funding to progress this research using gold nanoparticles to amplify laser light.

3D laser lithography in biotechnology and medical technology

The Nanoscribe GmbH has developed a laser lithography system with which one can realize complex three-dimensional structures (3D) fully automatic and reproducible with a previously existing design flexibility to Submikrometerskalen with feature sizes down to 1 mm. Of which today are already benefiting many applications, eg can be “laser-write” micro-structures for small pumps and needles produce or biomimetic surfaces equipped with certain properties. A typical use for the 3D laser lithography is also producing three-dimensional scaffolds for cell biology.

LASER: New source for X-rays providing Higher resolution

Laser physicists have, for the first time, succeeded in real-time observation of laser-accelerated fast electron swarms in conjunction with a plasma wave consisting of positively charged helium ions and slow background electrons. The findings will help development of new X-ray sources with much higher resolution than current devices allow for biomedical applications, as well as facilitate development of new electron and light sources for exploring the structure of atoms and molecules.

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