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Lecture Notes On Fiber Optics & Laser in Medicine for Biomedical Engineers

Fibre optic strands

optical fibers

These lecture notes will provide an insight to the Biomedical Engineer interested in this field
They are good for beginners but still better for revision as well.


Fiber Fabrication:

Two basic techniques in fabrication of all glass optical waveguides.

Vapor-phase oxidation process

– Direct melt methods

Lecture 2

Fiber properties & losses


Introduction to laser

lecture 4

JILA develops efficient Source of Terahertz Radiation for Imaging

JILA researchers have developed a laser-based source of terahertz radiation that is unusually efficient and less prone to damage than similar systems. The technology might be useful in applications such as detecting trace gases or imaging weapons in security screening.

terahertz radiation instrument terahertz radiation instrument

JILA instrument for generating terahertz radiation. Ultrafast pulses of near-infrared laser light enter through the lens at left, striking a semiconductor wafer studded with electrodes (transparent square barely visible under the white box connected to orange wires) bathed in an oscillating electric field. The light dislodges electrons, which accelerate in the electric field and emit waves of terahertz radiation. At right is a close-up of the electron source.

JILA is a joint institute of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the University of Colorado at Boulder.