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Biomedical Sales Job in Chennai/Bengaluru

Requirement –
Please call me if anyone interested in medical implants.
Position- sales executive
Salary- depends upon the no of years experience.
Location- chennai/ Bangalore.
Products- Neuro intervention.
Contact:  9841272793

Jugaadathon- India’s First Open Source Healthcare Hackathon, Kolkata

Jugaadathon is India’s first open healthcare hack-a-thon which will involve professionals and students from diverse backgrounds – coders, hobbyists, designers, health experts, clinicians and technology entrepreneurs – from across India and also from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital.


About Event

The event, to be held in Kolkata from 24th-26th January, 2014, will bring together more than 100 participants who will put on their creative hats and work together to discuss and address real world medical problems by developing new and innovative solutions, ranging from At-home Monitoring Solutions, Mobile Applications, Improved Software Algorithms for Healthcare Applications or Medical Equipment for Hospital Usage.

Rechargable Glucose Cells From MIT: Biomedical Research

In what might be called path-breaking in the field of bio-engineering, the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT is working to cultivate the use of glucose cells and several other innovations which can be used to propel biomedical devices like pacemaker and cochlear implants.

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Rahul Sarpeshkar was at the MIT Technology Review 2012 in Bangalore recently, where he had a discussion on the projects he and his team of PhD scholars have been working on for sometime and have now started yielding results.

Imaging Sensors to study the Inner workings of Brain

Alan Jasanoff is designing imaging sensors that could help reveal the brain’s inner workings.


After finishing his PhD in molecular biophysics, Alan Jasanoff decided to veer away from that field and try looking into some of the biggest questions in neuroscience: How do we perceive things? What happens in our brains when we make decisions?

After a few months, however, he realized that he didn’t have the tools he wanted to use — so he decided to start making his own.

Graduate Research Assistant in Biomedical Engineering required in USA

  1. Position description:

    Two Graduate Research Assistant positions in Biophotonics / Biomedical Optical Imaging are available at Lehigh University starting in Fall 2012. The purpose of these positions is for highly motivated individuals to pursue a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering or Bioengineering.


    B.S. or M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Applied Physics, Biomedical Engineering / Bioengineering or related fields before June 2012. Excellent academic records. Good spoken and written English. Demonstrated strong research experience and/or strong programming skills (C++, Labview, and Matlab) are preferred.


    Research areas:

    The candidate will work with Dr. Chao Zhou and a Postdoctoral Associate in the lab on one of the following research areas and/or develop new research directions:

    • Novel contrast for OCT/OCM