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National Health portal approved by Finance Ministry

Database for storing the medical records of all citizens to be part of the project

The ambitious National Health Portal, a database proposed by the Union Health Ministry for storing the medical records of all citizens, has got an approval from the Finance Ministry.

The proposal will now go to the Union Cabinet for its nod, Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Dinesh Trivedi said here today, while inaugurating ‘International Conference on Medical Electronics: Partnering for Access and Affordability’ organised by FICCI.

What Is Clinical Informatics?

Clinical informatics is a method of organizing information in the health care industry. It blends information technology, computer science and biomedical informatics. Clinical informatics is a field that is constantly striving to make information more accessible in the simplest way. It involves storing, managing and accessing important health records.

Clinical informatics uses technology and computers to store data at an institution such as a hospital, doctor’s office or other health care facility. Since there are so many papers and files to process at any medical setting, an efficient system for keeping track of it all is required. Medical informatics becomes a way to organize and process the information. Examples of information stored in health informatics include disease research, patient backgrounds, statistics and treatment plans.