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Migraines can be Prevented with an Antibody

For many who suffer from chronic migraines, nothing can reliably prevent or dull the debilitating headaches that may strike as often as every other day.

A biopharmaceutical company in Bothell, Washington, may have a solution. It hopes that a monthly injection of an antibody that blocks a well-known migraine-triggering protein will prevent these headaches.

The company, called Alder Biopharmaceuticals, is testing the efficacy of the drug in a clinical study of 160 patients, each of whom has between four and 14 migraines per month; Alder expects the results of the study to be in this fall.

Engineers Redefine How Movements are planned by Brain

New measurement technologies and techniques provide researchers more complete look at neurological activity

In 1991, Carl Lewis was both the fastest man on earth and a profound long jumper, perhaps the greatest track-and-field star of all time in the prime of his career. On June 14th of that year, however, Carl Lewis was human. Leroy Burrell blazed through the 100-meters, besting him by a razor-thin margin of three-hundredths of a second. In the time it takes the shutter to capture a single frame of video, Lewis’s three-year-old world record was gone.


Aiming to enhance the existing research projects in the field of neuroscience, and also to develop new collaborations between neuroscience researchers in India and USA, the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) will soon launch a new Indo-US Brain Research Collaborative Partnerships (BRCP) programme.

The major purpose of the BRCP programme is to support bilateral research collaborations between Indian and US investigators in the field of neuroscience, with an emphasis on understanding, treating and curing neurological, mental and addictive disorders.