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Biomedical Jobs in Chennai

We area  organisation distributing international renowned brands  of medical equipment having application inENT field and associated areas.  we are in the industry with  various other business activities in same field  for more than 3 decades

We are presently looking for sales and service engineers to market these products by candidates who  have   experience  in marketing   products like endoscope and equipment to specialty departments.
Candidates must have prior experience of 1 to 3 years in marketing ,meeting doctors/ hospitals and installation , of similar products and experience in servicing of these equipment.
Candidates  experienced in covering more than 1 state in South is preferable with knowledge of other languages.They must be in a position to travel.
Likely package varies from Rs 25000 to rs 40 000  depending on the previous experience.
No of post 3/4.(   sr and jr) –  sales and service engineers
 Resumes can be sent to this mail id   –   krishgan39@gmail.com
   Resumes can be sent to this mail id   –   krishgan39@gmail.com

TRUE CPR Coaching Device

TrueCPR Coaching Device Physio Controls TrueCPR Device Nearly Guarantees Perfect Chest Compressions (w/video)Performing chest compressions in CPR is a fairly simple process easily explained to most laymen, but execution is key. You don’t want to be breaking ribs, but you certainly don’t want to under-pump the patient with even graver results.Physio Control TrueCPR Coaching Device Physio Controls TrueCPR Device Nearly Guarantees Perfect Chest Compressions (w/video) Physio-Control just launched its new TrueCPR coaching device, a system that accurately measures the rate and depth of chest compressions and provides both real-time feedback and follow-up analysis of the supplied treatment.

Leadless Defibrillator: Groundbreaking Biomedical Research

A new ground-breaking technology was recently used at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI) where two cardiologists, Dr. David Birnie and Dr. Pablo Nery, implanted a new innovative leadless defibrillator, the subcutaneous implantable cardioverter defibrillator (S-ICD), to a 18 year-old patient. Under Health Canada‘s special access program, this was only the third time this new type of ICD had been implanted in Canada.

Conventional defibrillators, known as transvenous defibrillators, are implanted with wires, called the leads, that snake through veins into the heart. When the defibrillator identifies any dangerous heartbeat, it delivers a shock through the wires to return the heart to its normal rhythm and allow it to get back to pumping blood steadily throughout the body.

First Retinal Prosthesis under FDA Approval

FDA reviewers expressed concern over the long-term safety of what could be the first retinal prosthesis device despite evidence that it helps improve the vision of some nearly blind patients.

Members of the FDA’s Medical Devices Advisory Committee will vote Friday on whether to recommend approval of the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis device. Members of the ophthalmic panel also will discuss and recommend possible post-approval study requirements should the device ultimately gain FDA clearance.

The Argus II is designed for use by patients with severe to profound retinitis pigmentosa, who experience progressive vision loss, often leading to blindness.

National Symposium on Haemodynamics : Clinical and Engineering Aspects


A substantial majority of human death is associated with cardiac failure, not only in our country but also across the world. The changing life style is making the situation worse day by day. Unwanted deposition of fatty acids and glycerol inside the arterial cavity is causing series of problems ranging from stenosis to thrombosis. It is becoming very common even among the people within lower age group. Immediate intervention through medicine and surgery is becoming inevitable for a large section of comparatively young population to solve this type of cardiac problems and save their lives. Here lies the importance of understanding haemodynamics, the study of blood flow or the circulation through arteries, veins and other smaller conduits in human body.