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PhD in Neuroscience in Netherlands

It is still largely a mystery how collections of neurons give rise to conscious perception. By now we have some idea of the brain systems involved, but the neural mechanisms and ensemble interactions correlated to perception remain unresolved. In the current project we will investigate how neural ensembles in multiple brain areas respond to visual images, and which types of transmitter receptor in these areas are important for perceptual discrimination. Specifically, we will focus on the interaction between sensory and memory systems in this project. To this end, we will apply multi-area ensemble recordings combined with neuroopharmacology in freely behaving rodents. At a later stage of the project, results will be used to design new computational models of perceptual discrimination. The project will be conducted as part of the UvA’s research priority program Brain and Cognition, in a multidisciplinary collaboration combining psychological, neurobiological, neuroimaging and image-processing research (see www.csca.nl).