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How to Use Social Networking to get Biomedical Engineer Jobs

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Social Networking has become a Powerful tool for finding Jobs these days on internet.

Article:How to find Good Biomedical Engineering Jobs using Facebook??

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Finding Biomedical Engineering jobs using facebook

I am writing this article for all my friends who like to navigate more through facebook in their daily life as compare to other job sites and my site www.biomedikal.in .  The thing is that it’s good to be facebooker and facebook these days has become recruiter’s first choice.

I had a chat with few HR recruiters they told me that sometimes they also notice the facebook profile before recruiting any person into their company because they want to know how much time their employee can spend on facebook while being on work. So now the question comes whether it will be good for a person to be active on facebook or passive on facebook in order to get noticed by the recruiter.


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