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World’s First Large Scale Proactive Cancer Treatment System in Taiwan

NCKU Hospital
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A Taiwanese research team, led by Prof. Ming-Shing Young of Department of Electrical Engineering at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), has successfully developed a large-scale proactive cancer treatment system first-generation prototype which includes Frequency-Adjustable High Frequency Induction Heating Machine (HFIHM) and 3D Magnetically Guiding Endoscope System (3DMGES).

Biotechnology is one of the emerging industries in Taiwan that emphasizes on the research and development of new medicine and medical equipments. From the economic perspective, the possibility of Taiwan successfully developing medical equipments is greater than the possibility of Taiwan developing new medicine, because the average development time of new medicine is thirteen years and the development time of medical equipments is about seven years,” said President Michael Ming-Chiao Lai in his opening address.