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ICMIT 2013-Indian Conference on Medical Informatics and Telemedicine




Indian Conference on Medical Informatics and Telemedicine, ICMIT 2013, will be held at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, during 28 – 30 March, 2013.

Healthcare today is standing at the threshold of a world of possibilities thrown up by the use of information technology. Telemedicine and e-healthcare have emerged as a viable mode for delivering medical care and expertise. The conference aims to bring together technologists and medical professionals involved with research in these areas to exchange ideas and focus on the ways to provide improved healthcare for the benefit of the patients.

Original contributions are solicited for presentation at the conference, ICMIT 2013. All papers will be peer reviewed and accepted papers will appear in the Conference Proceedings. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Biomedical Companies List: Maestros Mediline Systems Ltd

Maestros is India’s leading medical diagnostic equipment and services organizations, which focuses on empowering medical professionals and institutions, that treat cardiac, gynecology and critical care patients across the country. The company is dedicated to providing meticulously designed diagnostic solutions, thereby contributing to successful outcomes for each patient.

Founded in 1992, Maestros has an evolved product and services portfolio, that includes Patient Monitors, Electro Cardiographs, Defibrillators, Pulse Oximeters, Spirometers, Fetal Monitors, Stress Test systems etc.

The company also provides innovative Telemedicine solutions, that use advanced telecommunication technologies for diagnosis, research & patient data transfer, thereby providing improved disease management and treatment especially in remote locations.
These include Telemedicine Software, Event Recorders, Patient Monitoring Systems and
Telemedicine Peripherals, to meet critical Cardiology and Emergency care requirements of patients.

Current Biomedical Research in Medical Instrumentation & Telemedicine in India

As interest in medical electronics soars, there is also growing concern about associated quality, safety, reliability, cost, liability and regulatory issues. India’s Department of Information Technology (DIT) under the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology has instituted a Medical Electronics and Telemedicine Division to address these matters. Given the crucial role that medical electronics plays in health management and diagnostics, DIT has instituted a series of measures to spur growth within this sector and generate awareness about medical electronics technology among healthcare stakeholders. A further goal is encouraging the deployment of indigenously developed medical electronic devices in healthcare centres across the country.


With telepresence robots serving as stand-ins, there’s no reason for sick kids to miss school. Some children may prefer to skip class, of course, but for those with serious immune system disorders, telepresence ‘bots are a lifeline to the outside world.For the past three weeks, a new telepresence robot has allowed Knox City, Texas, high school freshman Lyndon Baty to interact with classmates, attend lectures and feel like a regular student. He suffers from polycystic kidney disease and had a kidney transplant at age 7. He attended school until last year, but when he started showing signs of transplant rejection, he was forced to stay home because of his suppressed immune system. He wears a surgical mask and must avoid almost all social interactions just to stay healthy.

In December, school district officials heard about the Vgo telepresence robot, a new platform released last year,


The Berkley Tricorder is a highly integrated piece of wireless technology capable of monitoring a wide range of physiological parameters with very high precision in a compact form factor.  It represents a platform that can be used for a wide range of applications such as: