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Shunt Check- Detects CSF Non Invasively through Shunts

ShuntCheckT is the first device to allow quick, non-invasive detection of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flow through shunts. Using a system based on transcutaneous thermal convection technology, ShuntCheckT can be used to painlessly evaluate the function of a shunt quickly and accurately in an office, Emergency Room, or any ambulatory setting. This simple procedure involves placing an ice cube over the shunt. A single use, disposable temperature sensor is placed on the skin over the shunt tubing. As the CSF flows past the area where the ice is applied, the fluid cools. The temperature sensor detects this change in temperature and transmits the data to the handheld ShuntCheckT BioDisplay device. The time and temperature readings are analyzed by ShuntCheck’s software and generate a “Flow Confirmed” or “Flow Not Confirmed”.