As we know today in India we think that only those branches of engineering are important which are job oriented and others have no meaning for us.This has acted like a sabotage for the development of biomedical in the country

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We can see easily that today people prefer to go outside the country after doing biomedical engineering for the purpose of post-graduation so that they can secure a good job there as in the world of developed nations people of our country are ready to mould themselves according to the circumstances present there. I personally feel that brain drain of biomedical engineers to west is taking place because of the lack of resources in our country and laziness of our leaders as well as students for the promotion of the resources  available in the country

We can see that people think it is better to have good bread and butter themselves rather then serving the cause of the budding generation of biomedical engineers by providing them support through opening new industries

of biomedical in the country

If there are certain opportunities in biomedical engineering in country then they are curtailed by the growth factor as growth in this field is not as much as computers,it and others renowned field like electronics.So people tend to shift themselves into the shell of these branches rather then protecting the interest of their own engineering. And those who want to do good have only choice to earn money by going outside,but th

en they are amazed by the glittering &the development of their personality & then they decide coming back to country is useless.

I have seen that now because of this only many educational institutes are closing their department of biomedical engineering as their students are not able to get good placements thus the intake is decreasing leading to closure of the department.

This is not a bright sign as far as development of biomedical engineering is to be considered so it must be duty of every bio

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medical engineer to pay back and work for some time for their Alma mater as wherever they would be going they will find no track backs as the way behind will be deleted by such things like I mentioned above.

So it is my effort through this article of mine that if we have to change the tag from developing to developed we need to have good medical health care facilities and easy access of them to poor people so that death rate in country can be decreased and it is not possible without “A GOOD BIOMEDICAL ENGINEER “

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