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Now,a microchip that speaks to human brain

LIGHTING UP GREY AREA: A step towards an organic computer

It Tracks Changes In Brain Activity & Can Help People With Dementia

Toronto: Human brain on a microchip Yes,Canadian scientists have created such a microchip basically a neurochip,that communicates with brain cells,a discovery that they claim could help patients with Alzheimers and Parkinsons diseases.
In fact,the microchip is able to monitor the electrical and chemical dialogue between brain cells,and to track subtle changes in brain activity,say the scientists at Calgary University.Accessing those areas means researchers could test drugs to treat several neurological conditions accurately and quickly.
We have never been able to record the subtle activity from brain cells that we have now because this is actually the last frontier, said Naweed Syed,who led the team of researchers.This breakthrough means we can track subtle changes in brain activity at the level of ion channels and synaptic potentials,which are also the most suitable target sites for drug development in neuro-degenerative diseases and neuropsychological disorders.
Being able to monitor the dialogue between cell and silicon chip is a crucial step toward one day manipulating it,raising the possibility of neurochip implants that can operate artificial limbs,help restore sight or language after a stroke,or repair neurons that malfunction in a wide range of brain disorders,from Parkinsons disease to Alzheimers.
The work also hints of a future in which living neurons could help drive silicon circuits in a central processing unit,becoming part of what some observers have dubbed an organic computer.

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