In today’s fast coming up world we can say that every one is moving towards excellence and desires excellence in all the work he undertakes

Now I would like to highlight some facts about our country.Here prime motive to study is to get a good job as people believe in the fact that a educated person can get a better job as compared to an uneducated mate.

All want to be good engineers , doctors , commerce graduates but no one want to learn the things, This is because of the fact that presently our education system has become cash oriented rather then being knowledge oriented .

It implies both ways colleges are demanding heavy sum of money to teach student and make them employable.

The prime motive is to earn money as well as teach students so that they can show up good results which can bring them more money

It is not a self driven thing , this is the only reason why the students are falling in the webs of big players of game.

There are colleges as well as training institute who are trying to fill in the gap

engineering is about practical knowledge

I am amazed about the fact that most of the engineers hate to do practical work in the lab even if they have paid hefty sum of money for the same . They feel it to be useless so they decide that it is better they will learn some new practical things from the training institute which are groomed now days in such a way that they can help the students in getting good jobs as these training institute are job oriented so they just teach what is necessary

i am not able to  understand this fact that why the students doesnt want to get trained in the college only ?

why don’t they value their own money which is being spent by their parents on them?

i am not blaming the students only actually our education system has been framed in such a way that students need not get tested in all the dimensions or the sphere.

but , when a student enters industry he/ she has to fulfill the demand o being a allrounder or he/she must know it all to secure a good job

quality is tested there , that quality is not present to be precise so the companies only give jobs to those students who have really fought their way out of the studies

one more thing arises with the same fact that is if a student has enrolled into a course then he has complete right to woo for a job and it is his duty also towards parents as well as studies that he has to get a good job

So irrespective of the fact that how good we are in our field we need to showcase those skills infront of others

but the present education system may it be sciences or engineering it lacks lustre in polishing the students down to real diamonds.

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