MAKE YOUR PROJECTS B/W SEPTEMBER-NOVEMBER WITH SCHOLARSHIP has launched scholarships for meritorious students for our 3-Month Industry Program (Sep-Nov).

The scholarships are meant to help those students who really want to develop their semester projects. ·

Program Details.

It is a 3 month online project development program In which the mentor is going to teach /guide you online throughout project life cycle of 3 months. For details click the following.

Fee and scholarships. The total Fee for 3months online project development program is Rs 5000 only/.It includes Mentoring Fee—Rs 4000/–.The mentoring of project includes. * Online project trainings of 2-3 months by the Industry working professionals (mentors). * Real time interaction with the company HR, Technical head and Mentor.

Certificates and Admin charges.—Rs 1000/ (OPTIONAL)

* Project Confirmation Letter.

* Project Completion Certificate from .

* Project Completion Certificate from real time company (whose project is assigned to student).

* Project Report upload by students in our portal.

About Scholarship: (Scholarship discount –4000/) (valid till 5th Sept-2010)

( * Complete Mentoring Fee (Rs. 4000 ) is waived off, if student clears the Scholarship Test.

* Certificate and Admin Fee (Rs.1000) still needs to be paid, if student want all the certificates. If a student does not want certificates, he/she may opt for that, then he need not pat Rs.1000 also.

* So, if a student clears a scholarship test, and does not opt for any of the certificates from us then the whole Online Project Development program becomes totally free.

* On passing the Scholarship test, student will be given a Scholarship coupon, which they need to enter at the time of payment. They will get the Rs 4000 Scholarship discount.

To appear for scholarship test click the following.

Other instructions for the scholarship test has been given in the Scholarship test page itself.Please follow the instructions. For any query call to 9311481855.

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