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Technology Infrastructure – Healthcare
What do you envision for your future? At GE Healthcare, our vision involves looking at Healthcare in a completely new way. Focusing on earlier, pre-symptomatic disease detection and prevention, instead of late diagnosis. Helping clinicians access more information and intervene sooner with targeted treatments so their patients can leave longer, fuller lives.We believe we can help make that happen – and we’d like you to be a part of our mission. As a global leader, GE can bring together the best in science, technology, business and human resources to redefine the frontiers of healthcare.
Something remarkable happens when you bring together people who are driven to make a difference – they do.
—Your Life. Your career. Your purpose. Re-imagined—

GE Healthcare’s Healthcare Systems business provides a wide range of technologies and services for clinicians and healthcare administrators that can help caregivers improve the consistency, quality and efficiency of patient care everywhere. These technologies help provide fast, non-invasive ways for doctors to see broken bones, diagnose trauma cases in the ER, view the heart and its function, or identify the early stages of cancers or brain disorders. With X-ray, digital mammography, CT, PET, MR and Molecular Imaging technologies, GE creates industry-leading products that allow clinicians to see inside the human body more clearly than ever. In addition, with efforts in ultrasound, ECG, bone densitometry, patient monitoring, interventional imaging, incubators and infant warmers, respiratory care, anesthesia management and a wide range of technologies and services for clinicians and healthcare administrators, GE’s Healthcare Systems business enables clinicians to provide better care for millions of patients every day – from wellness check ups to advanced diagnostics to life-saving treatment.

Molecular Imaging sets a vision to help shape a new age of healthcare, in which, diseases will be predicted and diagnosed earlier, going from “late disease” to “Early Health”. At GE Healthcare, we develop innovative and leading technology PET/CT solutions addressing the biggest clinical challenges in PET/CT to ensure accurate diagnosis and staging, efficient treatment planning and monitoring for a complete patient care. We bring PET/CT to a new level of confidence.

GE Healthcare is committed to Quality and Compliance in every decision we make & every action we take, believing that this benefits patients, customers, and our business. We support Quality and Compliance in all that we do through two fundamentals:
-The Spirit … the integrity of our products, processes and actions
-The Letter … the adherence to the rules to make sure our products and practices
are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

PET Systems Engineer
Product Design and Development
Full Expenses
The PET Systems Engineer has design responsibility to deliver customer workflow, feature functionality, product quality, reliability, serviceability, manufacturability, regulatory, compliance, and cost for the PET/CT scanners. Activities include requirements development, traceability and flow down, architecture / system design and analysis, FMEA, developing/executing System Verification and Validation test procedures, and providing support to manufacturing and field issues.

This position will

* Define the next generation PET/CT system.
* Providing domain expertise to serve as the main integrator between the hardware and software functions to deliver the best high quality product
* Working across functions and team boundaries to define, design, and implement the next generation of products
* Working with customers, Marketing and field personnel to refine requirements which can be refined by the engineering teams
* Developing methods to quantify subsystem interactions and their effects on image quality
* Delivering and incorporating feedback results into new hardware, software and service specifications

Quality Specific Goals:
1. Aware of and comply with the GEHC Quality Manual, Quality Management System, Quality Management Policy, Quality Goals, and applicable laws and regulations as they apply to this job type/position
2. Complete all planned Quality & Compliance training within the defined deadlines
3. Identify and report any quality or compliance concerns and take immediate corrective action as required
4. Maintaining full Quality System Regulation (QSR) and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) requirements.
5. Maintaining full regulatory compliance and other legal requirements
6. Knowledge and understanding of GEHC Design Controls Procedures and operates within them in managing programs that control the design of the device in order to ensure that specified design requirements are met.

1. Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry or closely related discipline
2. 8 – 10 years relevant work experience
3. Proven ability to develop timely and effective solutions for challenging design problems
4. Ensure compliance/closure of Regulatory and Quality requirements before approving Design Outputs/Program Deliverables
5. Lead continuous improvement activities by driving the implementation of process and product quality improvement initiatives
1. Masters degree in Physics, Electrical Engineering or other closely related fields
2. Excellent verbal and written communication skills
3. Self-starter, energizing, results oriented, and able to multi-task
4. Demonstrated problem solving ability and results orientation
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