Under the IndiaCanada Agreement for Scientific and Technological Cooperation, the Governments of India and Canada have agreed to foster joint research and development (R&D) projects. This India-Ontario (Canada) Call for Proposals (CFP) will be delivered by the Global Innovation & Technology Alliance (GITA), a non-governmental organization, engaged by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India on the Indian side; and by International Science and Technology Partnership Canada (ISTPCanada), a non-governmental organization selected by the Ministry of Research and Innovation (MRI), Government of Ontario on the Canadian side. In Ontario (Canada), ISTP Canada is responsible for the implementation of the Ontario/India Collaborative Research Fund, which directly supports four goals established bythe Government of Ontario.

Each proposal must include an eligible lead from Ontario (Canada) and India. Although it is not mandatory, projects that engage a technology developer and a technology end-user/first customer are strongly encouraged.

Applicants are required to meet all of the following criteria when applying for funding under this CFP. Each proposal for an India-Ontario R&D project must.

How To Apply:
To ensure the effective delivery of the CFP and reinforce the principles of bilateral partnership, ISTPCanada and GITA will employ a joint, two-step application process for this India-Canada (Ontario) Call.
Step 1: Submission of an Expression of Interest (EOI) As a first step, applicants are required to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to ISTPCanada and GITA on, or before, January 21st, 2011, midnight EST. The Canadian and Indian R&D project leads are required to submit a single, joint EOI using the template provided by ISTPCanada and GITA for this purpose. EOIs that do not use the approved template will not be accepted. Upon completion, applicants must e-mail (only one joint submission with signatures required for both Ontario (Canada) and India applicants) the completed EOI as a word document and as a signed PDF to by December 15, 2010, midnight EST. This will ensure that the EOI is delivered to both ISTPCanada and GITA for review. ISTPCanada and GITA will acknowledge all EOIs within five working days of receipt.
Step 2: Submission of a Complete Proposal Following the conduct of an EOI review, GITA and ISTPCanada will notify all proponents about
the outcome of their EOI submission. Indian and Canadian project leads for approved EOIs will be invited to submit a joint proposal to their respective CFP program delivery agency (ISTPCanada in Ontario, or GITA in India) on or before, March 23rd, 2011,midnight EST. It is important to note that Indian and Ontario (Canada) project lead are each required to submit requested number of copies (see below) of the final proposal in an official working language to the delivery agency in their province or country.
Each application must be signed by an official who is legally responsible for the R&D project and endorsed by the chief executive or leader of the applicant organization or institute. Electronic signatures will be accepted on applications submitted to ISTPCanada and GITA. Applicants are required to use the Application Template (will be provided to the successful EOI applicants) associated with this CFP when submitting a proposal. Proposals that do not use the approved format will not be accepted into the competition.
Please refer to the Application Guidelines for Collaborative R&D Projects for additional information on EOI and proposal development.
The Canadian project lead is required to submit three printed and signed copies (see address below) along with the electronic version as a word document and as a signed PDF of the complete and signed proposal on a CD. Bharat Rudra, Country Manager for India, ISTPCanada, 371 A Richmond Road, Suite 4, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K2A 0E7 The Indian project lead is required to submit 10 printed and signed copies (see address below) along with the electronic version of the complete and signed proposal as a word document and as a signed PDF on a CD.
Samrat Ghatak, Programme Coordinator – Canada, Global Innovation & Technology Alliance, 28, Institutional Area, Lodi Road, New Delhi – 110 003 India ISTPCanada and GITA will acknowledge all proposals within five working days of receipt.

Last Date To Apply: 23.3.2011

Samrat Ghatak
Programme Coordinator – Canada
Global Innovation & Technology Alliance
28, Institutional Area, Lodi
New Delhi – 110 003


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