Mosharaka International Conference on Biomedical Engineering, Electronics and Nanotechnology (MIC-BEN2011)


Deadline: Mar. 14, 2011 | Date: Sep. 09, 2011 – Sep 11, 2011

Venue/Country: Amman / Jordan

Call For Papers – CFP

Mosharaka International Conference on Biomedical Engineering, Electronics and Nanotechnology (MIC-BEN2011) to be held in Amman, Jordan in the period 9-11 September 2011 (

Here is the online paper submission link:

This conference accepts paper submissions in the following tracks/topics:

Electronic Circuits and Systems (ECS)

Application-Specific Integrated Circuits – Behavioural Modeling – CMOS Integrated Circuits– Codecs and Compression Systems – Computer-Aided Circuit Design – Diagnostic Fault Simulation – Digital Television Systems – Distributed Parameter Networks – Electroabsorption Modulated Lasers – Electronic Circuit Design – Finite Difference Time-Domain Methods – Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors – Integrated Circuits – Laser Light Sources – Lightwave System Components – Microwave Electronics – Optical Amplification – Optical Modulation – Solid State Electronics – Switched Capacitor Filters

Nano Science and Technology (NST)

Bionanotechnology – Geothermal Energy Systems – Nano Computational Methods – Nano Electronics – Nano Manufacturing – Nano Photonics – Nano-Filtration – Nano-Scale Material Characterization – Photovoltaic Systems – Polymer Nanotechnology – Solar Power Systems

Biomedical Engineering (BME)

3D Video Systems – Acoustic Signal Processing – Artificial Organs – Biomedical Imaging – Content-Based Image Retrieval – Digital Image Processing – Digital Signal Processing – Genetic Algorithms – Impedance Cardiography Analysis – Mixed Signal Processing – Neural Networks – Signal Analysis and Monitoring Systems – Wavelet Processing – Wireless Bio-Instrumentation

You can also make paper submissions to other Mosharaka International Conferences. Please note that all Mosharaka International Conferences are technically sponsored by the IET –, in the form of publishing special journal issues based on extended versions of their papers. Here is the submission link:

Please note that you are required to login to your Mosharaka user account in order to be able to make a paper submission.

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