Biomedical device Technology Startup Companies 2010

Below is a selection of the medical technology startups we identified in 2010. Clinical applications span orthopedics, cardiology, wound management, patient management/monitoring, diagnostics, surgery and many others.

Company Product/Technology
Acoustic Biosystems, Inc. undisclosed technology
Adroit Motion, LLC Laparoscopic surgical instrumentation.
Alacer Biomedical, Inc. Silk-based biomaterial platforms for tissue repair and orthopedic applications.
Apica Cardiovascular Ltd. Beating heart access and closure system for cardiovascular surgery.
CardioFlow Ltd. Embolic protection device.
Caymus Medical, Inc. Undisclosed medical technology from previous founder of Opus Medical, Inc.
Delphinus Medical Technologies, Inc. Ultrasonic breast cancer detection device.
Diavibe, Inc. Drug-free device to reduce pain of injections.
Domain Surgical, Inc. Development stage medical device company.
ECW Therapeutics, Inc. Systems for concentration of autologous adult stem cells applied in surgical approaches to orthopedics.
Endomimetics, LLC Creating “natural bionanomatrix coating technologies for medical devices and clinical problems in cardiovascular disease.”
EndoRetics, Inc. Incisionless bariatric surgery device.
Essential Medical, LLC Vascular closure device technologies.
Freehand Endoscopic Devices, Inc. Novel endoscopic surgical devices.
Frontier Medical Devices, Inc. Medical device development company.
inCyte Innovations, LLC Undisclosed
Innovative Pulmonary Solutions, Inc. Novel devices for treating lung diseases.
J2D Biomedical, Inc. Undisclosed medical technology
Materna Medical, Inc. Medical and surgical instruments.
MediValve Ltd. Aortic valve insertion system.
NovaTract Surgical, LLC Yale spinout focusing on single incision laparoscopic surgery and natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery.
Option 3, LLC Laser technology applied to tissue closure, other applications.
OsteoRegen LLC Orthopedic tissue regeneration.
OsteoSpring Medical, Inc. Osteobiologics
PediaCath, Inc. Pediatric catheters
Peer Medical Ltd. Gastrointenstinal diagnostics.
PorOsteon Orthopedics, Inc. Undisclosed orthopedic device technology.
ProArc Medical Ltd. Treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms due to benign prostatic hypertrophy.
Providien, Inc. Undisclosed medical device technologies.
Secant Therapeutics, Inc. Transcatheter percutaneous mitral valve repair.
Sensus Healthcare, LLC Medical technology company
Sivan, Inc. Steerable guidewire technology.
SonoCiné, Inc. Automated breast ultrasound system to complement mammography.
The Orthopedic Implant Company Orthopedic implants
White Pine Medical, Inc. Late stage medical device acquisitions.
XO Thermix Medical, Inc. Device for treatment of chronic vein insufficiency.


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