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On this page you will find basic information about when and how to apply to the MIT Portugal Program. Information regarding entry requirements, various factors of preference, the Program’s selection process, programs offered, host institutions of MIT Portugal, Program contacts, and scholarships is also available on this site, as are FAQs about the application process and our application form.

Applications are now open for all of our educational programs. The application deadlines for each program are the following:

PhD – February 28, 2011

MSc – March 31, 2011

Executive Master’s – June 15, 2011

Applications must be submitted online

Our Program’s brochure (available in the link below) contains a brief summary of the application requirements, applicants profile and scholarships.

icon Applications Brochure 2011-12

Candidates must complete the application form and include the necessary attachments. Your application will only be considered for evaluation if you complete it as follows:

1. The Application Form

  • Click on the Application Form link on this page or the sidebar menu.
  • Under the “Create your Account” heading, click the link titled “Create your Account.”
  • Create a user name and password, and write them down in case you need to return to the application form before you finalize and submit it.
  • After you log in and create an account, click on “Return to Main Menu.”
  • From the “Application Menu” page, click on “MIT Portugal Application.”
  • When prompted, enter the user name and password you set up when registering your account; this will give you access to the application form.

Returning to the form on more than one visit:
If you use a private computer and have cookies enabled, you should not need to re-enter your user name and password; you should simply be able to click on “MIT Portugal Application” and access your form (which will include any data you entered previously). If you use a public computer, you must enter your username and password each time you access the form.

2. Required Attachments

The application form prompts you to attach the following (your application will not be considered without them):

  • Your CV (in English)
  • Your motivation letter (in English)
  • A digital copy of all your academic certificates (stating the final classification you obtained), and the respective official transcripts (listing the grade/classification of each discipline/subject you attended to get each degree). If you are in the final year of your degree, you can present the certificates and official transcripts in September 2011.

3. Letters of Reference

Each candidate must submit two letters of reference. Each focus area has an email address to which these letters must be sent:

You must provide your two referees the email address for the program to which you are applying, and the reference letters must be emailed to MIT Portugal by each referee before the deadline of applications. (The reference letter template for the referees is available icon here.) The letters should be printed on official stationery of the institution at which the referee works, and must include a URL for the institution so the affiliation can be confirmed. The letters must be signed by the referee and then attached to an email sent to one of the email addresses listed above. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that MIT Portugal receives both letters before the application deadline.

Questions about applying? Contact apply@mitportugal.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The MIT Portugal Program has an equal opportunity policy. We aim to ensure that no applicant receives less favorable consideration on the grounds of gender, marital status, race, age, color, nationality, ethnic origin or religious belief. We welcome applications from people with disabilities.

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