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The BrainVoyager product family ranges from professional fMRI imaging tools, to at-home and on-the-go brain anatomy tutors. I’ve actually had the award-winning Brain Tutor application since I took a class in which I had to dissect a sheep brain. It helped me review the different areas of the brain and their functions when I wasn’t in the lab.

Brain Tutor 3D for iPhone/iPad

Brain Tutor 3D for iPhone/iPad

Brain Tutor HD for iPad

Brain Tutor HD for iPad

More recently, BrainVoyager has developed iPhone/iPad Apps you can use on the go. There’s a free iPhone/iPad version, and a more robust iPad-only version for $1.99. Both let you explore the structure and function of the human brain from the palm of your hand.

These interactive applications allow you to isolate lobes, gyri, sulci, Brodmann and functional areas of the cerebral cortex. You can rotate, move, and zoom high-quality 3D brain models. Simply click on different areas to learn their name and function. Aside from being educational, these Apps are actually fun to play around with—always a good combo in my books.

Visit the BrainVoyager Website.

Download Brain Tutor for Windows/Mac OS X/Linux here. FREE

Download Brain Tutor 3D for iPhone/iPad here. FREE

Download Brain Tutor HD for iPad here. $1.99

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