Austrian Christian Kandlbauer, the first European to use a mind-controlled prosthetic arm

Ottobock Healthcare does it again! They have restored the entire right arm function of a 19 year old Haiti earthquake survivorw with a mind-controlled prosthetic.

As a follow-up from our popular past article about Christian Kandlbauer, a 21-year-old Austrian man who lost both his arms by getting electrocuted. He dedicatied four years of his life to Otto Bock Healthcare as a test subject and surgeons finally conducted the surgery to connect Christian’s natural chest nerves into their prosthetic arm prototype so that his neurological impulses can control the prosthetic device. We now introduce you to Christella Monteau, who was buried under Haiti’s earthquake debris for 17 hours and had to witness her younger sister’s death before finally being rescued. As a result of her being crushed under rubble, her right arm had to be amputated above the elbow.

The difference between late Kandlbauer’s arms and Monteau’s arm is that Kandlbauer’s prosthetic arms are integrated into his chest nerves, therefore he controls them directly with his peripheral nervous system (hence the term mind-contorolled prosthetic limb). Monteau’s prothetic arm is connected to the remainder of her natural arm, the portion that is still attached to her body after the amputation is just above where her elbow used to be. Therefore, the prosthertic is able to be controlled by the remaining muscles in her upper arm. The below video shows her excitement in receiving a new prosthetic arm from Otto Bock Healthcare, as well as how her prosthetic arm works compared to Kandlbauer’s arms.


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