Biomedical Booming:Healthcare Sector will Provide 2,48,500 new Jobs in India

The healthcare industry would continue to lead 13 industry sectors in the country in generating new jobs in 2011, a Ma Foi Randstad Employment Trends survey said.

This year, health care would generate 2,48,500 new jobs, hospitality sector 2,18,200 real estate 1,44,700, media and entertainment 1,26,100. Manufacturing non-machinery products sector are also expected to perform well this year by creating 2,23,400 new jobs, the survey said.

The survey was conducted in 650 companies across 13 industry sectors in eight major cities.

Health care industry to lead 13 sectors in generating new jobsCompared to last year, Mumbai, Delhi and the National Capital Region and Chennai get top honours by generating a total of 2,55,797 jobs, it said.

In 2010, a total of 1,131,643 jobs were created. Health care generated 2,54,655, hospitality 1,60,300 and real estate 1,29,312 jobs, it said.

“We are happy to see that one million plus jobs will be created in the organised sector for the second consecutive year. The changing market scenario across the globe and growing significance of emerging markets like India and China has led to many global corporates including these countries in their growth and workforce strategies. This will have a positive impact and increase our growth momentum.”, Ma Foi Randstad MD and CEO E Balaji said.

Banking and Finance Services and Insurance sector would grow at 8.9 per cent and create 80,700 jobs, while education, training and consultancy sector is expected to grow at 1.1 per cent and is likely to add 1,07,500 jobs, it said.

The healthcare sector, anticipated to reach USD 75 billion by 2012 is expected to grow at 7.4 per cent, it said.

The Information Technology sector is expected to grow at a healthy 9.5 per cent rate and likely to add 1,83,000 jobs, it said.

The manufacturing sector is poised to grow at six per cent and would add about 68,400 jobs, it said.

Media and entertainment sector is expected to grow at 9.3 per cent and is likely to add 1,26,100 jobs this year, while the pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow at 17.2 per cent and expected to add 49,400 jobs, the survey said.

The real estate industry would also add 1,44,700 jobs and is expected to grow at a healthy 16.8 per cent, while the transportation sector is expected to grow by 3.5 per cent and add 93,300 jobs, it added.

Source: Sillicon India Daily Dose

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