Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology Summer Training in Kerala

Summer training on Bioengineering & Biomedical instrumentation entrepreneurship organized by BioCrat-Technologies, Kozhikode

BioCrat-Technologies is an emerging Bioengineering company, focuses on the manufacture and marketing of Biomaterials, Biomedical instruments, Nanobiotechnology, Tissue engineering, Bioelectronics-related products and providing services to academia and industries.  BioCrat-Technologies also organizes workshops and short courses in Biomaterials, Biomedical instruments, Nanobiotechnology, Tissue engineering, Bioelectronics and allied areas of Bioengineering and Biotechnology.

We are providing industrial training for various courses in association with many other institutes. The trainees will get adequate training in the design, development, manufacture and marketing of novel industrial product and can understand the interface between academia and industry.

Course Content

The training begins with basics of research methodology, linking of academia with industry and Entrepreneurship management. Then the program proceeds in two ways as

Module 1 (For Biotechnology stream)

This module is designed for the Biotechnology or life science students and includes the following areas

  • Design and development of novel Biomaterials, Drug delivery systems and Tissue engineering scaffolds
  • Synthesis and characterization of various nano-particles and their biological and medical applications
  • Design and development of novel media for microbiological and tissue culture applications
  • Production of Bio-fertilizers
  • Algae as a source of food, fuel and medicine
  • Biodegradable polymers
  • Photobioreactor design

Module 2 (For Biomedical engineering stream)

  • Biomedical equipment management
  • Bioelectronics and biosensor development
  • Design and development of novel Biomaterials, Drug delivery systems and Tissue engineering scaffolds
  • Biophysics and human physiology

Who should apply

The program is specifically planned for the requests of a large number of students across the country to provide the institutional training as a requirement of their curriculum of B.Tech, M.Sc and M.Tech courses in Biotechnology, Biomedical engineering and allied courses. Apart from this it enables the students to start and manage entrepreneurships and make them suitable for the industry.

How to Apply

The application along with the bio-data of applicant should be submitted electronically to the Director of BioCrat-Technologies (Email: If selected the head of the department have to give consent of sending students and a declaration regarding the rules and regulations of the company.

Course Fee

The course fee is Rs. 11,000/- (Course fee includes only programme fee and course material; Boarding/lodging and travel charges to be borne by the candidate; Campus hostel accommodation can be provided on request on chargeable basis subject to availability,  Fee once deposited will not be refunded)



The duration of the training will be of one month and if the student strongly willing and requires any specific project they can continue for one more month by paying additional fees as per the rules of the company.

Last Date of Registration: The application along with bio-data may be send electronically on or before 20 April 2011.

For further information and registrations please contact:
Mr. Robin Augustine

Chairman cum Managing Director


Kozhikode, Kerala

Mob: 9562204140

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