Biomedical Engineer Required in a MNC, Chennai

Job DescriptionBio Medical Engineer

  • To be responsible for the supervision of senior departmental staff, performs safety checks of hospital equipment and power resources, performs routine preventive maintenance and repairs.

  • Management of costs and ways of expenses curtailment.
  • Planning of systems and procedures most optimum for the department operations.
  • Liaison with other departments and higher management.
  • Setting of objectives and guiding people to the objectives.
  • To provide technical guidance to other staff.
  • · Vendor management and development with particular reference to vendors who can repair PCB‘s major assemblies that companies ask to replace at high costs.

  • To participate and contribute to the departmental quality initiatives.
  • To be aware of department’s performance and objectives.
  • To carry out data collection/support in data collection.
  • To adhere the safety norms of the hospital, follow both patient, and staff safety rules.
  • To ensure that all BME employees are aware and trained on fire and electrical safety and infection control practices by training the Biomedical Engineers and through them have the training imparted at floor level.
  • To ensure that all the department employees are trained/oriented about the quality systems of the department.
  • To represent the department in the various hospital committees and meeting called for from time to time by the administration.
  • To represent the organization as a Biomedical Engg nominee for the hospital in outside forums.

How To Apply

Job Reference : JC/14370/2011
Position Type : Permanent
Market Sector : Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical
Start Date : 04 July 2011
End Date : 31 August 2011
Location : Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Salary : Rs600,000 – Rs1,200,000 per year
Contact : surendar.r, Ma Foi Randstad, India
Phone : 04466227375
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