Duties of a Biomedical Engineer

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Various activities that a biomedical engineer do are:

1.Using computer soft wares and mathematical models to develop medical equipments. This can also involve building prototypes , programming electronics as well as trouble shooting problems .

2.Coordinating with technicians , manufacturer to develop the final product .

3.Collecting data,conducting interviews and conferences to solve problems .

4.Working closely with other members of medical fraternity like doctors and therapists to make a product that satisfies everybody’s needs.

5.Doing modifications being suggested by professional and patients .

6.Making arrangements for conducting the clinical trails .

7.Convincing marketing companies and industry to sell the product in market .

8.Conducting seminars and exhibitions to present your work before audiences .

9.Arranging meeting with senior health care staff to discuss latest finding .

10.Helping and training new staff members in using equipment properly .

11.Taking measures to prevent safety accidents .

12.Reading reports about the latest advancements in this field .

The field of biomedical engineering is an interesting field at the same time a promising career . There are more and more jobs being produced in this field of engineering across the world . Engineers who work sincerely in this field are sure to achieve success in coming years .

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