SRISHTI 2k11-Biomedical Engineering Festival in Chennai on 24 August

SRISHTI, the yearly celebration of Biomedical Engineers creativity, the welcoming of fresh talent pool in the most sought after course, is back this year. This National Level Technical Symposium of the Department of Biomedical Engineering of the SSN College of Engineering proudly invites all its fellow Biomedical and Non Biomedical Engineering students to participate in this potpourri of technical and non technical competitions. Come 24th August, 2011, it’s time to revitalize your thoughts!

The annual technical magazine HOPPSLATE will also be released that day. Events galore, prizes many, it is one day you must not miss.

In spirit of healthy competition, we have prizes worth 1,00,000 INR. And also scores of mind boggling puzzles and questions to solve. The events include

Paper Presentation – TECHNOBLITZ

Project and Poster Presentation – TECHNOPIX

Circuit Debugging – ELECTROFIX



Gaming – WIPEOUT

Treasure Hunt – TRESSOR CHASSE

Adzap – ADVAMP

Dumb C – I-MAZE

Short Film – FILMINA

Isn’t that just too much on your plate? The only question that remains is

Will You Be There?

Soon all details will be uploaded at

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